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Other products

Cement bags

Cement bags are indispensable items for every Cement factories. Especially, Cement is one of the most important in the industry constructions. Our company also provides several of cement bags types Ad star, PP, KPK, PK, jumbo bags…..that meet the standard and use in cement production.

Grinding supporting substance

Grinding supporting substance is a special chemical used to make the cement grinding and mixing easier. Specifically, it prevents the molecules from sticking together, or re-stick during and after the grinding process. This substance helps organize the cement making process by increasing the efficiency of the process and flexibility of materials. It also helps lower the energy cost for the plants. Lowering the energy cost for grinder is a significant benefit from usage of the grinding supporting substance. Plants save money and increase capacity when using this substance thanks to changing cement making process to an endergonic process, consuming energy from surroundings. This substance allows cement mixture consume energy, less energy than outside is necessary for reactions to happen. Thanks to this, industrial plants can save a big amount of money.

We now provide the cement grinding supporting substance HKC6H6 and HKC6H5.


Besides using the substance, plants also cover balls and layers to make grinding machine with a kind of powder. This powder continues to lower energy necessary for cement making process.