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We founded SonDong with the desire to become one of the very best suppliers in building materials and equipment for variety of industries including Cement and Construction. SonDong has been establishing relationships with largest cement manufacturers in Vietnam. We always execute strictly quality control process to make sure our materials meet technical requirements.

Many of our customers gave us great testimonials.


SonDong provides series of cement products from FICO including PCB40, PC50.

Gypsum is major product of SonDong. Our Gypsum is mainly imported from best sources in Oman and Thailand.

SonDong supplies Clinker from reputable factories in Vietnam such as VICEM, Long Son, and Song Lam.

SonDong provides different options in Coal products, we are not only supplying Coal from domestic mines, but also from South Africa, and Australia.

SonDong Joint Stock Ltd are supplying all kinds of steel such as steel pipes, contractions steel, industry steels. Our company still importing kinds of Steel Plates, Cold rolled steel coils, Hot rolled steel sheet from different brands in the worlds use in shipbuilding, barge building, machine building, construction building, industrial construction, civil construction, and mechanical engineering.

Cement bags, Grinding supporting substance, etc.

SonDong Portfolio

Projects that SonDong has involved.


    Here at SonDong, we always strive to improve ourself and others around. Not only you see the passion in our working enviroment, but also the responsibility. Join SonDong today with us.


    • SonDong has the sensibility and savy in the market of building materials. They have enabled us to solve many major problems in products output. We highlt appreciate the professionalism and dedication of SonDong.

      Xi Măng FICO
    • Standing on the cooperation with SonDong, Xuan Cau is very confident about the quality and progress of the projects we are involving in.

      Công ty Xuân Cầu